If you are planning on doing business overseas, you must first translate and certify all of your necessary import – export documents. Our experience in helping many clients with certification and translation of export documents dates back to 1991. We put profound transcription efforts into every import – export document translation entrusted to us, paying special attention to figures, lists, addresses and names. Our service quality is guaranteed for up to 25 days after delivery, to ensure there are no issues with the import – export document translation service in the UK or overseas.

Official Document translation

Every import – export document translation requires certain work handling which differs according to the original document’s specifics and intent. The procedure may involve printing the translation on official EKO 4 Translations letterhead, which is affixed to the original document and supplemented with a certificate of authenticity. It`s very important that process is handled with care as an accurately certified document translation is the key to your success.

Swearing an original translation

If you are planning to establish business operations overseas, all of your relevant documentation needs a certified translation. Eko 4 Global Services is an accredited translation company that works with the best team of sworn translators and solicitors in the UK. This type of translation process requires that the official document translation is signed and sworn by a solicitor, who testifies to the truthfulness of the translation and original document with an authenticity certificate. Depending on the case, a notarised copy of the original can be affixed to the translation or several documents can be bound together. After this procedure is completed, your import – export document translation documents are ready to be taken to the Home Office for Apostille certification.

Document translation for overseas uses

Properly translating business documents to be presented before overseas authorities, can be a complex and confusing process. Some countries have stricter regulations on foreign import – export document translation than other, and may require additional embassy certifications. Our translation agency has years of experience preparing different types of documents for more than 50 countries. When it comes to import – export document translation, Eko 4 Translation Services provides a reliable and cost-effective way.

Translating foreign documents

An accurate import – export document translation, formatted and edited in a manner that official bodies accept, is vital. We approach import – export documents translation with great care, paying close attention to the purpose and how it fits with international regulations. We are constantly improving the efficiency and quality of the services we provide.

Official Document translation

Swearing an original translation

Document translation for overseas uses

Translating foreign documents

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Our Import – export document translation service includes

Translating 82 languages

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We offer a broad range of languages for professional, certified translations. All of our experienced and accredited UK translators have degrees in linguistics or philology, and have passed our 3-stage grading system for approval and verification. When a document is translated, the content copyright is transferred to you upon delivery, so you are free to use it as you wish. We have built longstanding relationships with all of our reliable translators, and use native speakers from the UK and around the globe for proofreading.

Confidentiality & Security

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We are a translation agency that ensure your sensitive document information is kept confidential with highly secure in-house techniques and methods. We have a strict security policy, to which we hold all of our personnel legally accountable. We also employ very strict digital measures that help us care for all of your very important documents.

Customer satisfaction

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With more than 20 years of international experience, we always treat our customers with care and a friendly demeanour. We provide free professional consultation, to help you make the best decision according to your specific needs. We are a translation company that provides excellent project communication. We build long-lasting relationship with our clients, and provide them with outstanding post-completion support, when necessary.

Reasonable pricing

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When it comes to document translation, we understand your needs in an EKOnomic way, providing you with the best, most attractive and flexible translation rates. Depending on the volume, type of the document and turnaround time, we always give you the lowest rate possible on every document. We strive to save you money and know that in some document types large parts are repeated, so we make additional discounts. We keep our work clean and honest. There are no extra fees or hidden and unspoken charges.

Express 24-hour Translation

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Sometimes translating your documents in a short amount of time is essential. We understand that, and our translators and project managers are ready to satisfy all of your demands in an express 24-hour document translation service. Lengthy documents, which need urgent translation, can also be processed with the help of our unique translation team, workflow process and simultaneous multiword platform.

Quality Guaranteed

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Eko 4 Translations uses sophisticated project management systems and special dictionaries for professional terminology, to always provide you with an accurate translation. Unlike most other companies, we have project managers and team leaders located in the UK, and a number of in-house translation teams. We do proofreading even at our base price, and use a team of linguists from around the world, who proofread and edit into their native languages to ensure precise translation.

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Our import – export document translation service price includes:

  • Translation of the document

  • Proofreading

  • Letterhead, signature and stamp

  • Certificate of authenticity

  • Certifying, “swearing” by a solicitor (optional)

  • Delivering your translated documents

Quality and accuracy is a priority when it comes to commercial export documents translation

  • Proprietary translation platform, saving you up to 6% of content price. The more you translate, the more you save.

  • Simultaneous cloud translation and proofreading, guarantees your translation is ready in time.

  • No more ‘lost in translation’ phenomenon. Our specially designed, real-time translation system, controls loss of meaning in the translated content.

  • Our translation teams can work on up to 50 pages per day, saving you time and money.

  • Eko 4 Translation saves you money with our efficient proprietary translation coordination process.

  • Discounts of up to 50% for similar types of documents in the same order

Get your Customs documents for export & Export invoice
Translation via our 24-hour express service

Import – Export document translation process

Free professional consultation
Our excellent and experienced customer service representatives will help you and give you the best advice possible.
Document analysis
Analysing the submitted documents, calculating price rates and giving you the best offer for your translation.
Project management
Assembling the proper translation team for your bespoke translation project, and preparing the simultaneous cloud environment.
Translation process
Our professional linguists, who are native speakers of the target language, use a wide database of approved translation templates and advanced terminology dictionaries.
Proofreading and editing
A UK-accredited translator proofreads and edits the translation, preparing it for certification.
Formatting and printing
The project manager formats the document in accordance with international law requirements and prints it on a letterhead, complete with a stamp and an authenticity certificate.
Certifying/swearing the translation
Swearing of translation for overseas uses. Our solicitors certify the translation with their signature, stamp and the date. The document is now ready for the FCO and official usage.
National and international document delivery
Delivering the documents directly to your door via select postage/courier service.

We can deliver your Import – Export Document Translation via:

  • Email – Instant delivery of the translation on a secure PDF file via your email
  • Local Postage – Next day delivery to your preferred address
  • Local Postage – Within 72 hours and FREE service
  • International postage – Within 72 hours, regardless of where you are

Translating your import – export documents accurately

We have experience in translating more than 114 types of import – export business documents with varying subject matter and purpose. Our procedures for processing such documents guarantee that the target content looks as close to the original as possible with all special formatting and formal terminology.

  • AD01 Address Form
  • Affidavit
  • AP01 Director Form
  • AR01 Annual Return
  • Articles of Association
  • Authorisation Letter
  • Certificate of freesale
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Certificate of memorandum
  • CH01 Director Form
  • Companies House document
  • Export certificate
  • HM Revenue and Customs document
  • LLP Incorporation Forms
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Partnership document
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax Return
  • …And many more…

Our partners in providing success

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