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A brilliant online presence is vital in making a great first impression on new visitors and potential customers. Your company website is often the most important marketing channel for your business, because it shows customers exactly what you do. In other words, modern-day commerce has shifted from a physical location to a digital presence. Customers seem to be making the majority of their buying decisions solely online, be it on a PC, tablet, or a phone. In fact, research shows that a growing number of customers visit company websites primarily on their mobile devices. Websites, which are mobile-friendly and display properly on every device, are known as responsive website. We make sure your website is always clearly visible and easily navigated on all devices.
At Eko 4 Responsive Website Design, we differentiate ourselves by providing you with a high ROI, flexible prices, multilingual content and discounts on website translation. When it comes to website design, Eko 4 always gets it right! We guarantee that your new website will be the first step in your successful digital marketing strategy.

Website planning

Our experience working on many website projects of varying sizes allows us to correctly assess customer requirements, regarding functionality and advanced options such as e-commerce. We can meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our team of experienced project managers will help you define your project’s framework, target market, and customer profile, which will help us provide you with the best results possible. Based on that information, we will start building an effective online strategy, which will produce the results you desire. With every website we build, we strive to always exceed your expectation, setting satisfaction levels higher than anyone else.

Web technologies

We work with the latest web programming languages and are always searching for ways to optimize website speed, visual effects and security. We build websites with easy administration panels, using famous platforms like WordPress and Magento CMS. Those platforms enable us to provide you with a website that is easy to administer and offers advanced options such as add, edit, remove pages, or remove elements. We also implement the most advanced mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly technologies.


Designing a beautiful website is a complicated and creative process. Our team of skilled and creative web specialists are working together to create an engaging, dynamic and fully responsive design that has excellent usability. We are EKOnomic and flexible, providing you with several design options, all tailored to your demands and budget. We include mobile-friendly website designs in all of our packages, which means that your website will always be displayed properly on smaller screens, such as mobile devices and tablets. Responsive websites generate more traffic and improve search engine listing ranking. The overall appearance of a website is determined by both its visual look and content. We have specialists, who can provide you with great content and copy-editing, helping you take your website to the top.

Advanced web development

Developing a fast, responsive and SEO-friendly website is important for achieving the best results possible. Our experienced front-end and back-end coding teams work fast and reliably to convert your professional design into a fully functional website. The technologies we use to provide the administration of your website are chosen with the idea to be as user-friendly as possible. Our testing and QA teams ensure that your website is clean and secure, and that all graphics and content are positioned correctly and appear properly on all devices.

Creating a website

Our web development tools

Professional website designers

Advanced website design

Discounts on website translations of up to 15% per language, when combined with website design

CHOOSING US for your bespoke responsive web design is the BEST DECISION

Easy to administer back panel

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We build easy-to-administer websites, which give you complete control over functionality. The feature-rich platforms we use are a powerful tool for creating the ultimate website experience, which will meet all of your bespoke demands. Having the ability to change advanced functionalities by yourself in an easy, fast and free way, gives you the competitive advantage to be flexible when it comes to urgent website modifications. This allows you to tailor your project in a unique way, which makes it more efficient and turns it into an extraordinary marketing tool.

32 Industries and 82 Languages

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We can create a new mobile-friendly website, suitable for almost any professional industry. All of our websites are localisation-ready and multilingual, with administration interfaces in more than 70 languages. We work with the best industry specific marketing tactics and practices to help you accomplish your goals, grow and succeed. Whether you need a website for a school, business, or eCommerce we are ready to provide you with the best value for money available on the web.

Quick turnaround

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We have experience in delivering websites on short notice. Depending on the size of your project, we can reduce completion times with our fine-tuned internal workflow processes. This allows us to provide you with visual excellence, without wasting time on website production. Speed can sometimes negatively affect website quality, but this is not a problem for us. We always ensure our work meets the highest standards, giving quality guarantees on even the most urgent bespoke web projects.

Bespoke web design

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Every project we make is tested at different stages of the completion process, ensuring that it will displays properly on different browsers and devices, once it launches. We guarantee that working with us is a low-risk investment. We provide you with a 25-day quality guarantees period, during which we will fix any errors and dissatisfaction. We are always listening and willing to help, but if you are not satisfied with our work we offer full refunds.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Bad customer service can quickly diminish the value of beautiful and professional website design. Receiving positive feedback is our greatest success. We strive to establish long-lasting relationships built on trust and professionalism with all of our customers. Our experienced and kind customer service team will help you choose the option that meets both your needs and budget. Our project communication and post-sale support is outstanding. In emergency situations, we are there to fix the issue at once.

Affordable web design

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Our company believes in delivering quality websites in the most economical way possible. We constantly push ourselves to become more productive and efficient, in order to provide you with the best bargain available on the web. We offer flexible prices and discounts on tailored website projects, which qualify for additional discounts when combined with our other services. Our numerous free services give you the unique advantage of achieving a high ROI in a cost effective way.

Do you TRADE INTERNATIONALLY? We can localise your website while designing it and offer you a DISCOUNT

The process of turning your idea into a SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE

Project management

The project manager is responsible for the entire project, including website planning, marketing implementation, deadlines and budget.

Design & Colour Choice
  • Colour choice
  • Development of a design style suitable for your industry
  • Website icons
  • Website fonts
  • Website graphics and photos
  • Mock-ups
Front-end Development
  1. Configuration of layout design
  2. Setting up of pages and website structure
  3. CSS & HTML programming
  4. Photos and graphics
  5. Content set up
Back-end Development
  1. Back-end and database installation
  2. Custom code and editing module functions
  3. PHP, Ajax, JS coding
  4. Develop functionalities
  5. Advanced system programming
  6. On-site SEO set up
  7. Website code optimisation
Testing and Quality Assessment
We make sure that all our services are bug-free and meet the highest quality standards.
  1. Checking for broken links
  2. Security testing
  3. Mobile devices testing
  4. Browser capability testing
  5. Usability testing
  6. Visual fine tuning
  7. Design and layout order
  8. Functionality bugs

Our team leaders make sure that teamwork is employed at every stage of the creation process, resulting in a faster, better-designed website.


  • Free consultation and professional advice

  • NO transfer/opt-out fees for domain & hosting

  • 1 month of post-sale support

  • First 20 products added for free on eCommerce websites

  • Presentation & training how to self-administer your website

  • Financing options available

WE GIVE YOU MORE options and extras at the base price than anyone else


All these features are included in our base price



Custom header, menu & footer

Custom home page slider

Custom color set

Custom forms

Social media buttons

Website fonts & icons

Dynamic contact map



Website architecture

Contact and inquiry form

Branded call-back option

Portfolio Section

Quote request form

Custom price list

Blog page

Multilingual ready



Animated Menu

Layer slider

Hover effects

Button effects

Interactive gallery



3 colour changes

Administration training

Website support for a month

After sale support

One month guarantee

QUALIFY for FREE fully functional website Re-design demo

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